Success Stories


It’s amazing, I did everything, been everywhere, you’d think I’d be one of the last people that would be homeless. When I got out of prison I’d never had a job in my life. I was always a taker of money, I wasn’t a maker of money. Which was sad. I initiated a correspondence with… Read more »


Long story short, I had my son Bilal, and his father was verbally abusive so I went into a domestic violence shelter. After 6 months our time ran out, so we were up in the air, thinking, “What are we to do?” We went to a regular shelter where we had to get up every… Read more »

Elda Kriss

 Formerly all alone and homeless.  Elda tells her story of triumph.


I had an apartment. I had a son. He was born at 7½ months and sickly. I checked in to the hospital with him and never left his side. My son passed away five days before his birthday. That was a double dose.  For anybody who has ever lost a child, they mourn the birthday… Read more »


My time here at Praxis was brief but in that time I gained the confidence to move out on my own and be independent. When I first came I had never before received public assistance. My Case Worker Ms. Martinez made sure that it stayed steady and consistent, also helping with any questions and assuaging… Read more »


My experience at Praxis/Riverside Place was an enjoyable ride. When I first arrived at the Riverside in August 2011, I didn’t have the fundamental tools to begin the process to transition from being homeless to having a place that I can call home. Since the age of 16 I had experienced numerous occasions where I… Read more »


My name is Gary; my experience at Praxis has been one of productivity and growth. I came to Praxis Housing Init on April 2, 2009 after being released from incarceration. I had been diagnosed with HIV during my incarceration. In the beginning the transition for me was very difficult. I was fighting a battle within… Read more »


We all go through difficult experiences, but it’s what you do with that experience that can make an impact on you or someone else’s life. Do you sit and marinate in the problem or do you face it head on? When I came to Praxis Housing in May 2011, I did not quite know what… Read more »