We all go through difficult experiences, but it’s what you do with that experience that can make an impact on you or someone else’s life. Do you sit and marinate in the problem or do you face it head on?

When I came to Praxis Housing in May 2011, I did not quite know what to expect for the simple fact that I was alone in a city that I was not familiar with anymore. I felt outside my comfort zone, but I knew I had to think positive in the situation. With my determination, relentless and the help of Praxis staff, I was able to move into my own apartment within one month.

Staying in Praxis Housing wasn’t easy, let me assure you, but it made me aware of the epidemic that was effecting our community. We all had different back-stories and were from different walks of life; but we all had a commonality that brought us together and we learned from one another.

Once I moved out in August 2011, they had this follow up program called “Aftercare”. A caseworker would come to your apartment and check up on you to see how you were doing and if you needed any assistance. My experience with the program was great. It showed that they cared and Praxis case managers go beyond measures to do good for you and it shows from the privilege breakfast, organized trips and BBQs.

As of now, I am doing so much to give back to my community, I am a graduate of cycle 117 of Arrive, and I am a peer outreach worker for Exponents. I do outreach in high risk areas and speak at Community based organizations about my experience. I have gotten the opportunity to intern at Praxis Housing as a Housing Specialist Assistant. I am also part of YACAC, which is a committee that speaks on the behalf of youth in the medical field. We also go to different schools and educate children about HIV/AIDS. I also believe children are the future; they are the new leaders for tomorrow, so we have to start educating them young.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and Praxis was a starting point, I came in unsure of myself and now, I am running . . . running towards the future and success.