Become a Volunteer at Praxis

Praxis values the contribution volunteers make to the organization. As a volunteer you are welcomed and appreciated for your time and service.

Annual Picnic

Our annual picnic occurs in September. Clients from all sites gather in one of NYC public parks, plenty of food is on hand with entertainment provided by staff, especially when staff try our hands at volleyball.

World Aids Day

Every December Praxis clients and staff gather to commemorate those no longer with us, raise awareness, and celebrate victories achieved in the medical filed, political arena and by our clients in their efforts to overcome adversity.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Each of our four transitional housing programs provides traditional wholesome meals for our clients on Thanksgiving Day. Our sites are located in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our staff caters to approximately 300 clients, Volunteers are welcome to set up and distribute food.

Everyday Opportunities

Have maintenance skills, we have needs. If you have a background in maintenance, you could volunteer on and ongoing basis or just for the day in one of our transitional program buildings, painting, plumbing, tiling are skills we highly rate.