My time here at Praxis was brief but in that time I gained the confidence to move out on my own and be independent.

When I first came I had never before received public assistance. My Case Worker Ms. Martinez made sure that it stayed steady and consistent, also helping with any questions and assuaging any fears that I had. She also kept me abreast of any services I was able to obtain such as clothing, food, and haircuts all for free.

The Vocational Counselor Ms. Bowie helped me to recreate my resume and made sure I had a proper email account.

The Housing Specialist Ms. Mann helped me to see that what I wanted at the moment wasn’t exactly what I needed at the moment and provided me with housing choices that best benefited me.

I was a resident of Praxis for only three weeks thanks to the combined efforts of my Ms. Mann and Ms. Martinez. I left with the feeling that I was worthy of whatever goal I choose in life.

As far as goals I have applied to college for the fall of 2013. My dream school is Hunter College. If I get in I will take on a double major in Childhood Education as well as Drama, with a minor is History.

My dream is to be a History teacher in a public inner city Middle school, while pursuing acting, mainly theater in what ever spare time I have available to me.

A more short term goal though is to move out of my studio in Congregate Housing and move in to a one-bedroom apartment so I can live more independently.