Substance Abuse Counselor

Job Descriptions may change at any time.  Described jobs may be altered, restructured or deleted at the discretion of management.  All unemployment, unless otherwise noted, at Praxis is “at will.”

Job Title:          Substance Abuse Counselor

Category:         Non – Exempt

Reports to:       Project Director

Job Summary: Assist program participants in achieving individual long and short-term goals and objectives.  Provide supportive counseling and crisis intervention as required.  Assist ADSS with supervision responsibilities.

  • Carry an assigned caseload of 20 clients.
  • Conduct client intakes and assessments.
  • Provide individual counseling to clients within a harm reduction modality.
  • Design and implement individual service plans to assist residents in attaining goals.
  • Maintain regular personal contact with clients; cultivate trusting relationships to monitor physical and emotional capacity for independent living as well as the need for additional services.
  • Arranges ad coordinates detoxification placement service. Arranges and schedules all aftercare supportive services.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to medical and mental health providers.
  • Provides listing of 12 step Fellowship meetings within the neighborhood area.
  • Escorts clients to substance abuse treatment and related appointments as needed
  • Arrange for/support home health care, as necessary. Make appropriate referrals to medical, mental health, substance abuse, and/or other services.
  • Help clients to establish and strengthen significant relationships and to reinforce a supportive network.
  • Manage crisis within the residence and intervene appropriately to minimize risk of potential harm to residents, staff, and damage to property. Notify appropriate supervisor and document events on designated forms.
  • Maintain accurate case records, regular progress notes and individual service plan summaries for each client, adhering to company guidelines regarding client confidentiality.
  • Jointly with the Assistant Director of Social Services, supervise 2 Case Aides.
  • Facilitate client support groups focused on activities of daily living.
  • Coordinate group education regarding prevention of transmission of HIV and other diseases.
  • Organize and maintain community resource guide for clients and other staff, including clothing and food pantries, mental health programs, and support groups.
  • Knock on resident’s doors to ensure daily contact.
  • Escort clients to linkage appointments on an as-needed basis.
  • Follow up with clients post-residence to provide support during transitional phase.
  • Participate in case-conference team meetings, staff meetings, and other meetings as requested.
  • Attend all required trainings.
  • Perform other duties, as required by supervisor.


Education:      BSW, CASAC, MSW a plus

Experience:    Relevant experience of two years or more with disenfranchised population.