Entitlement Benefit Specials

Praxis Housing Initiatives, Inc.

Job Description

Job Descriptions may change at any time.  Described jobs may be altered, restructured or deleted at the discretion of management.  All unemployment, unless otherwise noted, at Praxis is “at will.”

TITLE:                        Entitlement & Benefit Specialist

SUPERVISOR:          Program Director

CATEGORY:             Scatter Site Housing Program


To assist with securing entitlements to the consumers in the scatter site housing program.  Responsible in submitting monthly billings and rent collection to the Agency; liaison between HRA/ HASA and Praxis Housing regarding housing issues.


  • Reports directly to the Program Director, including all housing related issues
  • Must be knowledgeable and assist consumers with applying for Social Security Supplemental Income/Disability Insurance about Public Assistance, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Veteran’s benefits, including the recertification process.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Praxis Housing reaches its monthly HRA/ HASA receivable and rent billings.
  • Maintains comprehensive knowledge of all housing programs and alternatives and is fully knowledgeable about the eligibility requirements and intake process of the SSI program.
  • Completes HRA/ HASA Monthly Reconciliation reports regarding permanent housing placements.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with housing brokers and landlords.
  • Monitors and coordinates lease signing; review lease renewals.
  • Responsible for collecting rent from the consumers, including via service coordinators by using excel.
  • Prepare payment request report for client arrears
  • Prepare excel monthly report for service coordinators- rent collection
  • Prepare HASA Resident and Unit status report; occupancy report, using the HASA web.