Welcome to Praxis Third Avenue Shelter

We at Praxis Housing are proud to announce our latest DHS housing facility entitled “Praxis Third Ave Shelter.”

The program temporarily houses 58 adult families with priority offered to those who have roots in CB 6 and surrounding communities in Brooklyn.

On-site services include:

  • case management,
  • nutritious meals served three times a day,
  • housing placement assistance,
  • recreation space,
  • health/mental health services,
  • screening/assessment/interventions for substance use disorders,
  • employment counseling and
  • 24×7 security

Families connect to:

  • primary healthcare
  • vocational training
  • employment placement
  • legal assistance when necessary

Eligibility: Homeless Adult Families referred by DHS
Number of units in the program: 58
This program is funded by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS)