Praxis BFP and East Coast Scooters Thanksgiving food drive 2021

On Saturday 20th November 2021, Praxis BFP collaborated with East Coast Scooters to do a Thanksgiving food drive for the families at the shelter. This is the first annual food drive for ECS and it was in the heart of the leaders and members to give back to their fellow New Yorkers this Thanksgiving.

East Coast Scooters was formed to bring together people that share the same interests and love of electric scooters. Today, they have members from all over the world.

Praxis thanks ECS for their generosity in organizing this food drive. As the president of ECS, Mr. D. Summer said in his own words:

“Just like the word Thanksgiving… Most of us are off to be with our families to celebrate the holiday… You must GIVE… THANKS for Thanksgiving. Giving is a selfless act of goodness and is a very spiritual blessed feeling to help the next person. There is no other feeling in the world quite the same. Actually, there is… The feeling a person gets on the opposite side RECEIVING this act of goodness from a stranger they do not know that is less fortunate.”

If you would like to check out East Coast Scooters here is the link to their official website:

Their Youtube channel: