Halloween Party 2019 @ Broadway Family Plaza

On Wednesday, 30th October 2019, Praxis Broadway Family Plaza (BFP) hosts the annual Halloween party. It takes place at the BFP location, and everyone from staff to families dresses in their favorite costume. We have this party so the children and families can engage with one another and form friendships. The Praxis staff also do it so we could develop a personal and professional bond with the families, and we get to meet some of the families we might not see regularly.

Another advantage is the kids enjoy the Halloween festivities in a controlled, safe environment, and that’s very important to us at BFP.

Some of the activities at the party include:

  • A Photo Booth for self-portraits
  • Karaoke
  • A Dancing Contest
  • Playing scary music videos on the TV. One of them was Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

At this year’s Halloween party, StopNShop gave us candied apples and pumpkins for decorating two days prior. Mabel Crucey, a daycare in the neighborhood, provides daycare services for some of the kids at BFP. They also brought over food for the families and staff.

We at praxis are proud to offer these events for the families and their children because we want the families (especially the kids) to have good memories and a sense of normalcy despite living in a shelter. As these kids grow up and become adults, they could reflect on their childhood and smile about the good memories they had at BFP. They wouldn’t see it as a shelter but as a huge family where they can grow and love.

The smiles on the children’s faces speak for themselves.