BFP hosted youth entrepreneur program

On August 14th 2019, Praxis Broadway Family Plaza (BFP) hosted an event with young entrepreneurs who showcased their first t-shirt line called “Royalty of the City.” Some of the teenagers living at BFP worked on this project, and we are proud of what they achieved in their final product.

Some of the attendees received t-shirts. The teenagers worked under the leadership/tutilage of Mr. Michael Ducille and Ms. Yulissa Hidalgo of the 1% mindset.

The 1% Mindset’s Leave a legacy program is a youth entrepreneurship program that teaches young people entrepreneurship through practical and experimental learning. At the end of the program, young people will showcase their product/service to the public with the idea they can make a profit.

As a result of this program, the teens:

  • Learn the day to day operation of a business
  • Market their product via social media and a website
  • Know the importance of storyboarding for product design

The showcase was attended by:

  • The teenagers who worked on the project
  • Michael Ducille – Founder of the 1% Mindset
  • Yulissa Hidalgo – co-facilitator
  • Lawrence Stukes – work readiness instructor
  • Althea Bailey – Director of SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program)
  • William Eric Waters – Senior Director of Youth Programs
  • Jessica Torruella – Department of Education
  • Anne Gibbons and Ivan Braun – Welcoming Neighbors
  • Ruth Rogers – Office Manager of Praxis Broadway Family Plaza

We at Praxis are proud that some of our young adults were a part of this project, and we aided them in acquiring skills needed to succeed in life professionally. We will continue to have that focus regarding our teenagers that live at BFP.

For more info on 1% mindset, Click here.